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We sow seeds to blossom into flowers of change and regeneration. This is our story…

It started with a dream...

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The word “pitak” is an Ilocano term for mud. Ilocano is the main language spoken in Northern Philippines. Its Filipino translation is “putik.” We chose the word “pitak” to symbolize the bond of the rich soil and water that gives life. It also embodies our aspiration to build naturally and produce food the permaculture way.

We started the project in March of 2013. The project site is located in Barangay Pideg, Tubao, La Union, Philippines. It’s about four hour-drive north of capital Manila, one hour from Baguio City, and just a few minutes from the La Union towns of Agoo (coastal town), Pugo and Rosario. It’s at the southwestern edge of the Cordillera Region. Its elevation is 250-300 feet above sea level. It’s less than a hectare with a gentle uphill slope on the southern part. It’s bounded by two creeks, one on the northwestern side, and another on the northern side. A third of the property, located on the lowest part on the north side, is an existing rice field, and on the upper south side is a forested area covered with bamboo locally called “bolo,” and some other hardwood trees like narra, acacia and other assorted trees with different ages.

Our Purpose

We advocate, practice, and promote sustainable and regenerative living through permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and natural farming based on our context and experience towards a just, resilient, and bountiful future.

Our Mission

The Pitak Project initiates movements towards earth care, people care, and future care.

Quality of Life Statement

Who We Are

We are Cye and Carol, life partners since 1996. We are women activists, educators, and mentors to farmers.

Our exposure to economic and social injustice bounded us to choose a path that can show that it’s possible to care for the people, the earth and share its bounties without exploitation. We are The Pitak Project.



We dedicate this project to the people of Pideg who welcomed and embraced us. This is our story. We hope you get inspired by us and got you thinking that there is an alternative way of living.
Join us on our journey.

Thanks so much from The Pitak Project family.

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