The Project Site

Curious about our farm's location? Read below to find out.

The Project site is located in Barangay Pideg, Tubao, La Union, Northern Philippines.

It’s about four-hour drive from Metro Manila, an hour from Baguio City, and a few minutes from the La Union towns of Agoo, Pugo and Rosario.  Existing rice fields occupy about a third of the property.

The hill at the south side has a bamboo forest of mainly one kind, locally called “bolo.” There are some hardwood trees like acacia, narra, madre de cacao/kakawate and some other trees.  There are also some fruit trees like soursop (guyabano), guava (bayabas) and pomelo (suha).

At the north side is a clean creek, a good source of irrigation water, river rocks, gravel and sand.  It’s also used as a source of food of the community.  There are some fish, river shrimps and even eels (igat).  It’s also good for wading after a day’s work.

A good sign that the place is still healthy is the existence of wildlife.  There is a variety of wild birds in the area including egrets, orioles, wild quails, shrikes, sparrows and even wild chickens (labuyo).  There is a couple of indigo branded kingfishers, locally called salaksak, residing in the project site.  Other wildlife includes monitor lizards, geckos, bats and snakes! Of course there are lots of frogs and all sorts of insects because of the creek.  This biodiversity is mainly due to the maintained forested surroundings.

Photos by Cye Reyes

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